Once upon a time in Old Japan...

It is the year 1603. It is the end of the Sengoku Jidai; the end of 600 years of strife. No more will the clans of Nippon feud and skirmish and wage war. Where once the government had collapsed and each daimyo was left to fend for themselves, now Nippon is unified under a single Shogun heralding the beginning of the Tokugawa Jidai. This is the time for peace.

At least, that is the hope.

Far to the North is the frontier territory of Ou. Ou comprises two provinces, Dewa to the West and Oshu - by far the largest province in all of Nippon - to the East. These two provinces were the last to have been established as the Yamato eventually arrived in this Northern area and displaced the native Uru-kai people almost 700 years ago, having finally driven them out of Nippon, North to the island of Ezochi.

At the very tip of Oshu is the Tsugaru region, a wilderness frontier far removed from the civilized urban centers of Southern Nippon. The Tsugaru is comprised of a fertile inland valley surrounded by mountains both to the West and East. To the North is the Shimokita Peninsula wherein lies the entrence to Jigoku via Osore-san. The Tsugaru district is known for its iron ore and its silk manufacture, and both of those commodities will insure that the wilds of Northern Nippon are never forgotten.

While to the South, Nippon is stabilizing beneath the rule of the Shogun, far to the North the situation is more unstable. The daimyo of the Tsugaru clans continue to watch for opportunities to increase their own prestige and power. Skirmishes are still commonplace and the threat of an all-out border war is very very real.

Against this backdrop the player characters will live their lives. Will it end in honor or blood?


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Thanks Martin. I've fallen in love with Fate Core and what better way to try it out than with one of my favorite settings - Old Japan.

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