And now for something completely different...

A lot has happened since I've posted last. 

First of all, I've updated the domain to (with a re-direct from until it expires).  Hopefully it will be a seamless transition, and i won't inadvertently loose anyone.

Secondly, Vargr Moon has passed the 5,000 visits mark!  Very cool, even though I have not been actively posting when it happened, I am still appreciative that people are finding things of interest here.  

The Firefly/Edge of the Empire game stalled out.  The sessions we had were great fun, and everyone really enjoyed the EotE system.  I'm hoping at some point we'll be able to revisit what I am calling the Edge of the Alliance.  I do have a bunch of notes regarding the slight modifications to the EotE rules that I am hoping to post at some point, as well as custom made character and ship sheets, and a couple of odds and ends for the setting.

Warhammer Fantasy Role Play 3rd edition has started happening.  I've been wanting to run a game in the Warhammer Fantasy setting for a very long time but until 3rd edition, I've actively loathed the game mechanics.  Now with 3rd edition I am in heaven.  The system is amazing, and just similar enough to EotE that my players groked it almost immediately; but different enough that it is refreshing and exciting.  In fact, everything about the new game is exciting - from all the cards to all the bits and bobs.  It is space intensive, but we are managing.


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