My version of Wildseed

Wildseed could be considered to be a land flowing with milk and honey... well, honey definitely.  And berries, nuts, seeds, and apples as well.  Being so close to Lockhaven, it is not uncommon for the guard to receive dozens of requests for aide from the mice of Wildseed - some of which requests could be considered a huge waste of time.  However, Gwendolyn is careful to answer each request, and it provides a fairly safe opportunity for Tenderpaw Guard to get a feel for just what their life as a Mouse Guard will be like.

About a day and a half travel due North from Lockhaven, the trails leading to and from Wildseed are well travelled.  As to the town itself, Wildseed is situated in a massive wildflower field at the root base of an old apple tree.  Foxglove and coriander dominate the field, interspersed with red poppies, purple anemone, yellow arnica, patches of pink babystar, and blue bluecaps. 

The government of Wildseed is a simple council of businessmice who each have a say in the goings on within the town. They hold regular town hall meetings where each family and business may voice their concerns and each is then cast to a vote.    


Major Trades and Import/Export
Wildseed primarily supplies Lockhaven with all of its food stuff needs throughout the year as it produces far too much for itself to use even when storing for the Winter months.  Thus, Lockhaven and Wildseed have developed a long standing relationship with one another.  Wildseed sends its honey, seeds, nuts, berries, dried apple slices, and apple cider to Lockhaven through out the Spring, Summer, and Autumn, and in turn Lockhaven keeps a watchful eye on Wildseed insuring that they come to no harm.

Many are the mice that join the Guard from Wildseed.  So many in fact that Gwendolyn has given serious thought to setting up a Wildseed Watch Guard that would primarily be made up of Wildseed hopefuls, that might not otherwise meet the standards of the Mouse Guard proper.

Fat, Hard Worker, Generous

Brewer, Cook, Harvester, Insectrist


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