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So the Mouse Guard campaign has come to a close.  It was a lot of fun and we told some amazing stories throughout.  As a group we decided that with the departure of Rockcandy Sodawood, who played Walter, we would conclude the Mouse Guard game and move on to something else.

After a bit of discussion, we had unanimously decided that playing a game set in the Firefly Verse appealed the most.  So Browncoats sailing the black it would be.

Rather than use Serenity by Margaret Weis for anything other than setting, we would be using Star Wars Edge of the Empire by Fantasy Flight Games for the rules.

Having had an opportunity to play the Beta, I really like the system a lot, and think it would be perfect for a Firefly game.  Its gritty focus on smugglers, outlaws, and the like is in perfect alignment to the types of stories a Firefly game should tell.  The dice mechanics are innovative and to be frank, a lot of fun.  I think they give the right amount of heroics without being over powerful or underwhelming.  Destiny Points are a lot more interesting than Plot Points and require more planning and forethought with their use.  And for as cinematic as the whole game is set up, there is a lethality to it that was not only surprising but welcome.  So if someone tries to kill you, you try and kill them right back.  But be smart about it.

Like Mouse Guard before, I don't seem to have many House Rules for the game.  I'll be dropping all of the races (except Droids) and reskinning the weapons and some of the gear - but otherwise, I plan to run everything more or less by the book.

Also, Ryan Wolfe (who was the deckplan artist for the Serenity RPG) has a whole series of deckplans for ships that would be right at home in the Verse.  Additionally, he has a Kickstarter for prints of some of his deckplans.  


Martin said...

Sad to hear about your Mouse Guard campaign ending (for now...), but at the same time very happy to hear about you running Firefly/EotE!

It hadn't occured to me until I read it just now, but it seems like a perfect fit! I've been planning to use Diaspora/FATE to roleplay in the Verse, and I think it would work great, but in a way EotE seems even better. Like you say, there really isn't much modding needed.

Looking forward to reading about your continued adventures in the black!

Komorigumo said...

Hey Martin! I'm confident that this is not the last we will see of Mouse Guard. The group loves the game, so it is only a matter of time before we explore the Territories again. I've still got a couple of Mouse Guard posts to make too - the final session write up is almost finished, and a write up of my version of Wildseed. Plus I hope to upload my Animal Cards - at least the cards for animals not specifically found in the book.

A friend picked up the EotE beta when it was first released and my immediate reaction to it was to use it to run a Firefly game. When I finally had an opportunity to play the beta, it was confirmed for me - EotE does a better job than the Serenity RPG does of capturing the feel of the Firefly setting.

We had our first session yesterday and created characters. It was a lot of fun and in no time everyone was getting the hang of the EotE game.

I'm also looking forward to our adventures in the black.

Martin said...

Good to hear you're letting us down easy in regards to Mouse Guard. Hehe!

I've read through the Margaret Wise Firfly rpg and it seemed like a pretty nice light weight system, although I've never gotten around to actually trying it. Seems like there's something new on the horizon from MW - perhaps a second edition or something (the first one wasn't really supported all that well).

In any case EotE really seems like a perfect fit. I'm going to try and get it off the ground using the adventure you get in the beginner game. Just need to sort out my unruly herd of players...

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