[Session 8] Escape to Frostic! pt.3

Rockcandy Sodawood - one of our original players - let us know that she would be moving out of the country soon, and would only be able to play in two more games including this one.  So my plan for the campaign was suddenly altered drastically.  I really wanted to give the core players a start-to-finish campaign so they could see how the game played all the way through.  As such, this was probably my worse game of the campaign.  I had a lot of problems with pacing and with getting the mice from point A to point B.  Fortunately for my self-esteem no one seemed to notice, or at least no one said anything.  I love my gaming group.  

I'm sorry, but I am simply going to summarize this session...

We picked up right where we left off.  Millicent - saddled with an Angry condition from the prior session - declined to check the weather.  As such the next day would be a warm Summer rain (p.143) which added a +1Ob to any relevant test.  The Patrol spent the night in Frostic and kept a rotating watch to see if any of the weasels that may have survived would attack again.  Fortunately, no weasels were seen.  The Patrol invited Rona to travel with them since remaining at Frostic was out of the question and she agreed.  Finn let the others know that he wanted to search for Olivander and then once found, travel back to Lockhaven with great haste.  They could make their final stop at Wildseed within three days provided they could locate the Frostic boat, and from Wildseed they could be back in Lockhaven in another day.  The Patrol agreed and they start their hunt for Olivander. 

An Ob3 Scout test (normally Ob2, but +1 due to the Summer rain) was successful and the Patrol locates the Frostic boat washed up far from its mooring.  Within the boat, hidden beneath the canvas tarps and sails, is Olivander.  The Patrol checks him over for injury and fills him in on their plan.  Olivander is more than agreeable to leave Frostic and return home with haste.

The Patrol readies their provisions and sets sail on the boat, making a trip in just over a day rather than almost a week were they to have travelled over land.  While in the boat, they notice a Seagull seems to be following them.  Concerned, they first attempt to shoe it away by shooting at it.  Millicent tries sending Vespa up to sting the Seagull and to her horror the gull snaps at Vespa and in an instant she is gone.  Only a single wasp wing remains, fluttering down.  As a last ditch, they put a little food on a small float and set it adrift behind them.  The gull takes the bait and lands in the water to gobble up the food, and then flies off in another direction. The Patrol consoles Millicent at her loss and the rest of the journey is uneventful. 

Coming ashore, the Patrol lands at Calogero, a small outpost where two Guard mice are stationed.  Here the Patrol is able to rest, recoup, and regear to some degree.  They take advantage of the Guard mice' hospitality and spend the night.  In the morning, Walter gets up early and searches for crab shells - gathering a number of thick shells to carry back with them.

Saying their farewells to Calogero, the Patrol begins their overland trek to Wildseed.  At one point, they encounter a wagon full of seeds and nuts.  The two Bear Beetles hauling the wagon are just standing around.  There is no sign of the driver.  Rona, Walter, and Olivander remain with the wagon and Finn and Millicent look around for the driver.  Just a short distance away, basking in a patch of sunlight, the two Guard spot a Milksnake with a telltale lump about the size of a mouse.  Beating feet, they quietly and quickly return to the others and tell them to load their gear onto the wagon as they will be taking it with them to Wildseed.  Finn leaves the appropriate markings on the trail to warn that there is a snake lurking in the area and they depart.  Along the way they explain what they encountered.  They take turns riding in the wagon and help themselves to a pawful of seeds and nuts. 

End GM turn.

For the Player's turn, each of the Patrol picked a skill to roll against as they journeyed to Wildseed.


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