My version of Frostic

The Frostic Research Outpost, as it is technically called, remains the Northern most location within the Known Territories. Nestled on the banks where the Great Salt Sea meets the freshwater of the Great Sea, it presents a unique location for research and study.  So many minerals, fauna, and flora are only found in this location. 

Each Spring sciencemice and students from Elmoss and Sprucetuck are escorted by the Guard to Frostic.  There they spend their time engaging in study and experiments that could not be conducted anywhere else.  A single Guard mouse will remain on duty their for the duration.  Mail is normally delivered in mid Summer and by early Autumn the Guard arrives again to escort them back.

As Frostic is only an outpost, and has no permanent residents, it does not have the same characteristics that other Settlements do.  However, it is an excellent location to remove any Condition a mouse may have (only 1 per mouse).  Also, a patrol may be able to restock their supplies within reason.


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