[Session 7] Escape to Frostic! pt.2

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This sessions sees the addition of MD to our group, bringing the number once again to four players and myself.  We figured that the most effective way to include a new mouse into the game would be for MD to create as her character the Guard mouse that was stationed at Frostic with the Sciencemice.  Her character begins the game already having been captured by the Weasels.  As for the rest...

Just having fought with Weasels, the Patrol had been beaten into submission, stripped of their gear, and bound.  The Weasels march them battered and bruised through the forest along the banks of the flooded area.  Soon, they pass by a Beaver dam and the Patrol sees a lone Beaver sitting on top.  He seems to cower as the Weasels march past and when one yells at the Beaver, it quickly disappears beneath the waters.  The Weasels all laugh at this.  As they continue to walk in the shadow of the Beaver dam, the Patrol sees a Rabbit warren up ahead and the lot of them enter.  It seems the Weasels have taken over the warren.  As they pass through the tunnels, Walter catches sight of a pile of bloody mouse-sized lab coats stuffed off to the side in an alcove.  Twisting and turning through the tunnels, they finally stop at the mouth of a pit and the Patrol are each pushed in. 

The Patrol quickly untie one another and take stock of the situation, while Walter looks over everyone's injuries.  Bruises and scrapes mostly with a couple of nicks and cuts - but nothing too serious thankfully - unless the fact that Walter himself lost the tip of his tail to a Weasel's sword.

"We have to figure out a way to escape."  Finn tells the Patrol.  And a tiny voice from the back of the pit replies unexpectedly, "There will be no escape for us.  We'll be tortured again, taken away one by one, and eaten."

This unnerves everyone!  And all eyes turn to the now noticed mouse huddled in the shadows at the back of the pit.  Finn introduces the Patrol and has Walter look over their cellmate.  She shows signs of having been beaten and tortured, but is still able bodied.  She introduces herself as Rona, a patrol mouse of the Guard who was stationed to watch Frostic.  She and all of the Sciencemice were overrun by the Weasel marauders and captured.  They have been beaten and abused and one by one the others were dragged from the pit and not seen or heard from again.  And now, only Rona is left...

Wasting no time, Finn takes stock of their situation and gathers up 4 good sized stones.  He sets Rona to work napping the stones into knives as best as she can, while Finn and the others examine the pit and see about trying to tunnel out of it.  It will be slow going, but they have to try.

The weasels leave the Patrol alone for the better part of the day and they get to know Rona better - learning about the attack on Frostic, the capture and torture of the mice, and the demise of the Sciencemice.  While they talk, they all take turns digging into the side of the pit.

At this point the Patrol are startled by the booming of thunder.  Following that, there is a lot of commotion from the weasels.  The commotion gets louder and louder and suddenly, a weasel jumps into the pit with the Patrol and begins to toss the mice out one by one.  Startled, the Patrol is surrounded by agitated weasels.  (The Patrol notices that their belongings - cloaks, armor pieces, weapons and gear, are all being worn and displayed by the various weasels as trophies.)

The weasel leader holds out a small bit of tar on wax paper and demands to know what it is.  The Ragnorak potion!  And it looks as if a bit has been taken out of it!  Walter speaks up stating that it is a healing potion that they have been hiding - it puts you to sleep and when you awaken, you are healed.  (One of the weasel soldiers leans over to another and whispers "Fink ain't sleeping, that's for sure.")

The leader growls and strikes Walter and storms out of the chamber, saying "Beat them" as he goes.  Others follow leaving two weasels behind to administer the punishment.  Before the beatings can begin, Finn, Rona, and Millicent strike out with their stone knives and put their captives on the defensive.  Taking advantage of the distraction, the Patrol bolts out of the chamber and runs for the burrow exit.  The two injured weasels give chase, but turn around when the Patrol leaves the confines of the burrow and disappears into the woods.  The weasels can be heard sounding the alarm that the prisoners have all escaped.

The Patrol makes their way back to Frostic as quickly as they can.  They pause at the beaver dam, after noticing that the burrow is below the dam and would be flooded out should the dam break.  Rona, a mouse well versed in the languages of other animals, attempts to speak with the massive beaver.  She explains that they were taken prisoner and that the weasels are readying to hunt them again, and she notes that she noticed that they were none-to-kind to the beaver too.  She suggests that the beaver could easily put an end to all of it by breaking the dam and flooding the area below.

The beaver - as beavers are wont to do - more or less ignores what the little mouse says, and explains to Rona and the Patrol that he has had enough abuse from the weasels and will put an end to it all by flooding the area below.  He notes that the mice should hold on to something; as he drops into the water and breaks the dam open!

Water gushes out of the broken dam in a torrent and quickly floods the area below by several fargles.  There is no way the weasels could have survived, the Patrol hopes.  They thank the beaver and make their way back to Frostic.

The Patrol does not find the rescued sciencemouse Olivander at Frostic, and decide that they will go looking for him once they are certain the weasels are not on their tails.  For the time being, the Patrol holes up in Frostic and waits.

End GM Turn.

That is where we ended the session.  The Player Turn saw the mice healing one another, cooking a nourishing meal, lamenting at the loss of all of their possessions, and finally gathering what useful gear and weapons they can from Frostic.


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