My version of Rustleaf

Rustleaf is a close community located near the Great Sea. Each mouse works and works hard, serving their community with family trade skills passed down from one generation to the next.  The settlement maintains a healthy relationship with its neighbors, and the Territories as a whole, because it understands that even as self sufficient as Rustleaf is, there will always be circumstances where it will need to rely upon others to survive.  Within the community, each mouse contributes to the community as a whole and may partake freely of anything the community produces.  The system only applies to whose who contribute to Rustleaf however, as most outsiders must barter or pay for any goods they wish to partake of.

Almost due North and a little over a full day's journey overland from Port Sumac is the settlement of Rustleaf.  Located within a mature Maple tree among a small grove of Maple trees close by the banks of the Great Sea.  The settlement proper is nestled within the root structure of the tree, with small outbuildings as is necessary - those needed for processing syrup, and for maintaining Rustleaf's tiny one boat port.  The port is only used to ship its signature produce – Maple Syrup  South to Port Sumac for trade, or to accept the infrequent seaborne visitor. 

The government of Rustleaf is made up of an oligarchy of eight council mice, with two additional representative speakers.  The speakers interact directly with the community and assist in bringing any matters that need discussing before the council.  They act as governmental weight a mouse can utilize when dealing with the infrequent issues that must be brought before the government.  


Major Trades and Import/Export
Primarily Rustleaf is known throughout the Territories for its Maple Syrup, a delicacy that demands a hansom price.  The coin (or more infrequently favors) which Rustleaf receives for exporting the syrup is held in trust by the government, for various needs of the community which they themselves cannot satisfy, or for an emergency.  There is very little Rustleaf imports, but those few products in which is does have been carefully selected in order to insure the goodwill of its neighbors.

Seldom do the mice of Rustleaf leave the community to join the Guard.  Mainly due to the simple fact that every mouse plays an important roll in the communities' survival.  On the occasion that it does happen however, any Guard who finds themselves in Rustleaf may partake of the communities bounty.

Compassionate, Hard Worker

Cook, Harvester, Laborer


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