[Session 5] Here there be Dragons


Having persuaded Millicent’s family to leave the corrupt city, the Patrol will leave stinky Port Sumac and head north to Rustleaf. 

The mice of Rustleaf are a close community. Each mouse works. Each works hard. The government of Rustleaf is formed by an oligarchy of eight council mice, with two representative speakers augmenting their council. These speakers interact with the mice of Rustleaf directly and then return to the council with their petitions for matters of the settlement.

Each mouse serves their community family with the skills passed down from one generation to the next. A mouse is really not considered an adult in the community until close to thirty months of age; they live at home until then. Rarely will a mouse be allowed to leave Rustleaf; the skills of the entire community are needed to survive and prosper. When parents die early, sometimes mice are considered children under the care of the community until they are much older. This is especially important when they have a needed skill.

(If it helps, think of it as a bit communist and a bit socialist. Everymouse works with what they can, and can have anything produced or provided by other mice of Rustleaf; it is far simpler than even a barter system.)

Rustleaf has a small port with which it exports its signature produce – Maple Syrup.  The export demands a fine price among the Territories, and serves the sole purpose of bringing in items from outside the community when needed, or simple coin for future use.  Rustleaf has one boat of its own at the dock.

When the Patrol arrives, they are beset upon by sniffling townsfolk – thanking them for their arrival and beseeching them for aide.  Looking around, the Patrol sees that almost the entire community is ill.  Mice complain of fever, congestion, aches, and coughing.   It seems like a flu, and it could not only lead to many deaths, but a community such as Rustleaf will surely be devastated by the illness. 

GM Turn

Weather Watcher
Millicent may check the weather.  Failure, or no check is Unseasonably Warm (p.140).

The Patrol sets their goals.


1 Obstacle (Environment)

Taking on the Flu:  Healer may be used for Attack and Defend actions; Scientist or Health, or another Skill (such as Cooking a fantastic broth or Brewing a medicinal extract) may be used for Feint and Maneuver actions.

Nature (  Virus  )
Spread by Contact/Ingestion, Hard to Predict, Life Draining
Hard to Predict: +1D Maneuver,
Symptoms: +1s Defend
Everyone’s Got a Remedy: -1D Feint

The Flu’s goal is to infect and spread.  Simple yet effective goals.  Reducing the Flu’s Disposition to zero results in beating it – symptoms will linger, but the virus has run its course and will not infect anyone else.  Should the Flu beat the Patrol, then they will all gain the Sick Condition and Rustleaf mice will begin to die.

The Patrol paired up - Finn and Millicent on one Team and Walter and Brand on the other.  It was an intense Conflict, with Walter using Healing and Science with Brand helping, and Millicent and Finn weaving blankets and cooking soothing broth; and in the end, the Patrol won with no Compromise!  They thoroughly whooped the flu's proverbial butt.

End GM Turn

Player Turn
Once the GM turn is completed, the Patrol may have their run of the town for a bit.  The Patrol recouped and resupplied.

Second GM Turn

However, at an opportune moment, Brand will witness Joseff the Boatwright setting the rigging on his small sailboat, he’ll turn to wave to Brand just as the water erupts around him and both he and the boat vanish in an explosion of splintered wood and tufts of fur.  At that very moment, a monster lumbers out of the water – an ancient behemoth – and moves into the town.

The Patrol sets their goals.


2 Obstacle (Animal)

A gigantic Snapping Turtle has crawled up out of the water and has beached itself in the town.  Along the way, it has opportunistically eaten 4 panicked mice, and destroyed the warf and Harold’s Bakery.  Currently it appears to be sunning itself, basking in the heat of the sun and the bakery ovens.

The smug old Turtle watches the mice flee and huddle together in terror, and is clearly considering its next meal. 

The Turtle is far too large to harm by direct attack, as it is 3 steps above a mouse on the Natural Order chart (p.223).  So another means must be sought – unless the Patrol wants to use its Ragnorak Potion.

It will remain where it is for the majority of the day, crushing the bakery more to get closer to the ovens, but otherwise enjoying the heat of the day.  As later afternoon draws close, it will start to move.  The Turtle will make an attempt at some mice, with a surprisingly quick charge at them.  And then she will go back to the ruins of the Bakery.

A Loremouse test can be made at Ob3 for any Turtle related questions a Player may have.  Hunter may be used at Ob4.  Success will answer the questions asked, and also let the Patrol know that the Turtle is pregnant and ready to lay her eggs.

The Patrol devised a plan to use blankets and a bellows to blow smoke at the Turtle in an attempt to get her to move.  Finn, dressed in his awesome Crawdad armor of awesomeness, would inspire and lead a handpicked formation of armed mice to attempt to persuade the turtle to vacate the town via the easier route.  It was Brand's Loremouse skill that allowed him to deduce that the turtle is laying eggs and that perhaps the best course of action is to allow her to finish and wait for her to leave.

So that is what they did.  And eventually, as evening came, the Snapper lumbered away, back into the depths of the water.  The Patrol and the town's mice then dug up the eggs and boiled them, to help offset the destruction the Turtle caused to the town.  As per the Twist, an Ob4 Hunter test was made and the Patrol failed - leaving behind one unnoticed Snapping Turtle egg buried beneath the town of Rustleaf.

1 Twist:  Dragon Eggs!
Digging up or moving the eggs to another location requires an Ob4 Nature, and destroying them requires an Ob4 Hunter.  Failure with either means a single egg was left behind unnoticed.

End GM turn

Player Turn
The Patrol was given free room and board for their heroic efforts and allowed to partake of the town's produce, for their valiant efforts in saving Rustleaf not once, but twice.  The Patrol was gracious and only took a little Maple Syrup and resupplied modestly; as they readied themselves for the next leg of their journey.


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