1,000 page views

A thanks to everyone who has passed through - to those who have decided to stay and to those whose journey takes them elsewhere.

Here's to the next milestone.


Jason said...

Your actual play recaps have been good - and given me thought for planning my own sessions with my boys. Thanks!

Komorigumo said...

Thanks for the kind words Jason. I'm happy you have found something entertaining and useful.

Martin said...

Something to be proud of! Reading this blog is my little Mouse Guard fix as I'm not running it myself currently (although I think it might be time for another try). Always a joy!

As it were I just wrote a short post on Fire Broadside promoting Vargr Moon as I think you deserve more readers. Hopefully you'll see a little bump in the numbers. :)

Helder Ara├║jo said...

Keep it up Komorigumo!
Actually I'm adopting your versions of mouse settlements and even mouse races!
I really like it!

Komorigumo said...

Sorry I missed your wonderful comment Helder! Thank you for the kind words. =)

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