Port Sumac

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Port Sumac is located in the Northeastern area of the Known Territories, but on the Southeastern edge of the Great Sea.  It is the main resupply and shipping point for a vast number of locations throughout the Known Territories; holding product within its numerous warehouses and shipping product upon its many boats.  The town has the dubious reputation of being a wretched hive of scum and villainy; nowhere else within all of the Territories will you find a more filthy, greedy, and corrupt gathering of mice in one place.

The port town is located on a granite shelf at the base of a rocky outcropping, all of which is nestled under thatch of a staghorn sumac tree.  The town rests at the base of the granite cliff, the buildings using stilts and pylons to keep them above the water.  Wooden walkways bridge the distance between each structure, while the port presents a safe harbor between two arms of granite.

Port Sumac is ruled by a council of three merchant barons, each situated into a vast Merchant House, commanding a number of boats and owning all of the warehouses.  All decisions are made by majority vote.  This triumvirate regulates shipping costs, import/export tax, and employs over 90% of the inhabitants of the town; and in return for these administrative duties, the Merchant Houses are given a share of all goods moved into and out of the port. 


Major Trades and Import/Export
Port Sumac is inhabited by families of labormice, boatcrafters, weather watchers, weavers, and merchantmice.  The Merchant Houses presses the town's youth into gangs of thugs and enforcers, with which to keep one another in check.  These gangs can also be pressed into serving on the boats when needed.
The town imports a variety of goods - cloth, worked metal, and grains are of primary importance.  It exports its services in warehousing and the safe shipping of goods.  Port Sumac is famous for a drink called Rhus, which is made from the berries of the sumac tree.  It also exports dark maroon dyes and tannins for working leather.

On occasion a mouse from Port Sumac will avoid the pressgangs and make their way to Lockhaven to join the Guard.  These mice tend to have the reputation of being ill-mannered ruffians regardless of whether they deserve it or not.

Tough, Weather Watcher

Boatcrafter, Haggler, Laborer, Weather Watcher


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