My version of Wolfepointe

Wolfepointe is located far on the Eastern edge of the Territories, and is the last stop before the Scent Border ends and the Wild Country begins.  The settlement is located within the root structure of an old Fir tree, and is seldom visited except by Guard mice when the Scent Border needs to be poured each Spring.  The mice of Wolfepointe are all thought to be feral, and while this is an exaggeration, there is no denying that the grizzled mice of Wolfepointe do not care much for outsiders and only wish to be left alone.

Wolfepointe is located within the dense root structure of an old Fir tree.  The settlement is protected from predators by a number of means - from the density of the root structure itself, to the numerous traps laid by the huntermice who live there.  A large area of the Fir tree itself is hollowed out for a massive dining hall - with a table so large that the entire settlement may sit a eat at the same time.  High up in the tree are the Apiaries, which feature both honey bees on one side and yellowjackets on the other.

Wolfepointe is ruled by a King and Queen, appointed by the prior King and Queen, and whose final duty to the settlement is to appoint successors.  Usually it is the most successful huntermice who are appointed, but sometimes another mouse that has served the settlement especially well is appointed.  The settlement is protected by the huntermice, called serkr by the locals, who act as guards, militia, and hunters. 


Major Trades and Import/Export
Wolfepointe does not regularly trade with any other settlement, town, or city within the Territories.  That said, for those merchants brave enough to travel to the isolated settlement and deal with the grizzled serkr, there are animal pelts of every kind and honey-mead to be had.  

Seldom do the mice from Wolfepointe leave to join the Guard.  But those that have are renown for their skill at hunting and surviving.

Wolf-Snout, Brave, Stubborn, Tough

Hunter, Survivalist, Apiarist, Weather Watcher

The mice of Wolfepointe are all a little different than most other mice of the Territories.  Not wild, like the stories go, but definitely less civilized that most.  And they prefer it that way - there is a pragmatism that they all uniformly hold dear to.  Not to mention, the huntermice - the serkr - all purposefully lower their Nature to zero, so that they all gain either the Wolf-Snout Trait if they do not already have it, or replace the Nature Descriptor Foraging with Hunting.  These decidedly un-mouselike traits tend to put off visitors, and are at the root of the rumors about the mice of Wolfepointe.


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