NPC record sheet

I created an NPC record sheet based on the style and format of the sample Denizens of the Territories in the Mouse Guard RPG book.  This is a form-fillable PDF that has been formatted to the Avery 5388 Index Card template.  Get it here.


Stephen Holland said...

I have a Mouse Guard game with the kids-from-my-church group coming up this weekend, and I appreciate any resources. But then, you know what that's like, right ? Thank you for this blog. I'm really enjoying it!
- Stephen

Komorigumo said...

Hi Stephen, I do know what that is like!

First of all, if you have not downloaded everything from the official MG downloads site, I recommend it:

The Skill Factor Play Aid is no longer available and it is perhaps the most used reference sheet I have. I'm working on my own version, but until then here is Victor Haag's:

And a PC & NPC sheet I worked up. It is still a work in progress, but you may find it useful:

Good luck with your game! Please feel free to share how it goes - I'm always eager to hear tails from the Mouse Guard Territories.

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