[Session 1] Character Creation

The Alternate Saturday Game group met on the first Saturday of the month to kick off the Mouse Guard game.  There were five of us total - myself, Jiyambi, Rockcandy Sodawood, Sister Madly, and Rabid Child.  It was to be a six hour afternoon affair, and Sister Madly & Rabid Child were kind enough to host.

The first thing we did was to create characters.

Finn (Rabid Child)
The Fighter of the group, a Guard Mouse, and the ad hoc leader. 
Belief: Never give up, no matter the odds.
Instinct: Always defend those in need.
Goal: Increase the standing of the Guard with the mice of Wolfepoint.

Milicent (Sister Madly)
The Weather Watcher of the group and a Guard Mouse.
Belief: Look at a problem from all angles and a solution will be found.
Instinct: Always circumnavigate a problem before you fight it.
Goal: Keep her patrol mates safe from the weather.

Walter (Rockcandy Sodawood)
The Healer of the group, brother to Brand, and a Guard Mouse.
Belief: Heal the sick, collect as much information as possible, and map whenever there is a spare moment.
Instinct: Always double check everything.  Twice.
Goal: Map a new area in great detail.

Brand (Jiyambi)
The Tenderpaw of the group; brother to Walter, mentored by Finn.
Belief: Will become worthy of having a story written about him.
Instinct: If there is work to be done, always offer to help.
Goal: Successfully perform every task his mentor gives him.

We didn't spend a lot of time on the background sort of details, such as family, contacts, enemies, and stuff like that.  I figure if they enjoy the game and want to continue, we can flesh out those details over time.  And if they decide this should be a one-off, no harm done.


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