An alternate Saturday game

Due to our various schedules, the group I game with only plays on the third Saturday of every month.  When we play tough, it is more or less an all day event; and for about a year now the game we've played has been Dark Heresy.  Off and on over the course of the past year we've all made some noise about gaming a little more - either adding a second alternate Saturday game, or trying to regularly schedule the Dark Heresy game two times a month.  For some of us, it is easier to do - for others it is impossible.

So what we did was to set up an alternate Saturday game with the three of us who can regularly schedule it, and give the other two an open invite for any session that they happen to be able to make.  This seemed to work out perfectly.  But... what to play?

The Mouse Guard RPG rose quickly to the top of the list for everyone involved and so it was settled.

I had the hardback and the deluxe boxed set as well, and every single downloadable file I could find, along with the graphic novels; so I felt well armed.  I'd read through the rulebook cover to cover and felt I had a decent grasp of how the game would play. 

Now all I needed was a mission.


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